#BrunchClub Bloody Mary Kit

by The Beautiful Pubs Collective


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Our Brunch Club ‘Bloody Mary Kit’ includes a large bottle of the fabulous Turner Hardy & Co. ‘Lively’ Tomato Juice, 2 miniature bottles of artisan vodka & garnishes.

A little more from Turner Hardy & Co…

A good juice is made fresh from the best fruits, not from concentrate, and a proper one is made from fruit that you would travel a long way to eat, let alone to squeeze. When we tasted the tomatoes on the Isle of Wight it was love at first bite. This stuff is almost addictive!

The juices are squeezed, spiced and bottled on the farm where the tomatoes are grown. The vines are pollinated by British bees; this truly is made in Britain.

The vines are tendered daily by hand and the tomatoes stay on the vine until all the tomatoes are rich red in colour. Of equal importance is the sustainability of the farm. They conserve the CO2 and the heat from a local power plant, reducing their CO2 emissions and everything they work with from the coconut husks to the string for the vines is biodegraded in their own composting plant. We also use all the ‘wonky’ tomatoes that can’t be sold directly to others.

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