Hereford BID


Hereford. One of the most quintessentially English places you could experience in one of Europe’s oldest cities. Packed with history, there is plenty to see and do in our compact and flat city which is both easy to navigate and get around.

Experience a superb day out or better still, come for a super relaxing stay and see our greatest treasures such as the world renowned Hereford Cathedral or famous medieval map, the Mappa Mundi. Visit the delightfully quirky Jacobean Old House (right in the middle of the city centre!) or simply soak up the country atmosphere whilst sampling the many food outlets offering seasonal and local produce, including our very own delicious Hereford Beef and craft ciders!

Mixed with hundreds of charming independent shops, big name brands, great entertainment and fine hotels, our special and unique city is the place everyone wants to come to. So what’s stopping you?

Businesses in Hereford

There are currently no businesses in this location.