What is LoyalFree Marketplace?
The LoyalFree Marketplace allows independent businesses to list their products and sell online, without having to build their own e-commerce website.

It is incredibly easy to use and allows you to sell online very quickly.
How do businesses get paid?
Businesses set up a Stripe account for free within the LoyalFree Marketplace. Then, as soon as a customer makes an order, the money is transfered instantly into this Stripe account.
What are the costs for businesses?
LoyalFree Marketplace takes 0% commission. There is a card transaction fee of 3%.

For example, if a customer bought a product for £2.50 + £1 shipping, you would get 97% of this total: £3.40.
How do orders work?
As soon as a customer makes a purchase, you will receive an email with the order details, and how much money you made.

When you have shipped the item(s), you login to the LoyalFree Marketplace to mark the order as complete.

The system then automatically sends an email to the customer to let them know their item(s) have been shipped.
What can my business sell on LoyalFree Marketplace?
Anything can be sold on the Marketplace.

Physical products can be purchased and shipped.

Gift cards can be purchased and either posted or emailed to the customer.

Virtual products (such as tutorial videos or guides) can be sold and emailed to the customer.
Can digital products, such as gift cards, be sold?
Yes, gift cards can definitely be sold on the Marketplace. And we encourage it.

Gift cards can be purchased and either posted or emailed to the customer.
How do customers search for products?
There is a search bar at the top of the LoyalFree Marketplace website which allows customers to quickly search for what they want.

The search looks for the phrase they have entered and matches it with any products that contain the search term in the product name OR product descriptions. So, make sure you are including important ‘search terms’ in your descriptions so your products easily be found.
How can a product image be added?
It is very easy to add a product image. Simple add/edit a product, scroll down and look for the box on the right called Product Image. Setting this will set your main picture for the product.
How can inventory stock be added?
Whilst editing a product, you click on Inventory in the menu on the left (next to the product price) to allow for inventory to be set. Then, tick the Enable stock management box and set the stock quantity.

Business Guide

How to register your business

How to setup Stripe and receive payments

How to update your business information

How to add a shipping and returns policy

How to add products

How to add shipping costs

This guide explains how to add shipping costs such as:

  • ‘£3.50 flat delivery’
  • ‘£1.25 shipping for each item in the basket’
  • ‘Free shipping when spending £20+’

How to add local pickup / click and collect

How to add a variable product (e.g. clothing sizes or gift card amounts)

How to mark an order as complete / shipped

How to turn vacation mode on

How do refunds work

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